Vontobel France

Brent Crude Oil Future X12 Short

  • Mnémo 1848V
  • ISIN DE000VA235B4
Le produit arrive à échéance
Date de résiliation: 29/11/2019
12X Short Index linked to Brent Crude Oil Future V4USD -
Veuillez noter que ces cours sont indicatifs.



Issuer: Vontobel Financial Products GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Product: Brent Crude Oil Future X12 Short
ISIN: DE000VA235B4
Valor: 40746855

Vontobel Financial Products GmbH hereby announces that it shall ordinarily terminate the product in accordance with the terms and conditions with effect as of 29 November 2019 (the "Ordinary Termination Date").
The redemption amount (the "Ordinary Termination Amount") shall be determined on the Ordinary Termination Date in accordance with the terms and conditions and disbursed by 04 December 2019 unless the Securities expire worthless.
The market maker will principally continue to quote bid prices for the product until the Ordinary Termination Date (for this purpose also the "Last Trading Date").

Frankfurt, 12.11.2019
Vontobel Financial Products GmbH
29/11/2019Ordinary Termination